Sunday, July 25, 2010


As this sweltering heat consumes the air around us my thoughts drift back to a time when I was young. I have said more than once that I grew up on the water. No we didn't have a house on the lake but as far back as I can remember we had boats. In fact, my dad just sold his last one about a month ago.
The boat pictured is not our actual boat just an image that I downloaded that stirred up memories. Gosh, this post would be days long if I told every story about that boat that I have locked away. The funny thing is, I remember giving my parents an attitude about going to the lake because as a grew into a teenager we would go for every weekend and when dad took vacation, we didn't go to the beach, or to the mountains to ski we went to the lake. Usually dad would take 2 weeks off in the summer and away we would go either to Barren River or Cumberland Lake. Did I mention that this boat....didn't have a shower. We bathed in the lake with Ivory Soap!
As an adult I am really glad my parents loaded me and my attitude into the car. Some of my best memories with my parents and brothers were on that Gibson houseboat.
Troy was just a little guy. He wore his life jacket ALL the time. I wonder now if he slept in that thing. Troy had a water mishap as a real youngster and was afraid of water. I am not sure to this day if he loves the water. But boy he loved to fish. Every time he stuck his pole in the water he would pull up a bluegill or crappy. That would be pronounced "croppy" in Kentucky but "crappy"in South Carolina. It will always be "croppy" to me. The lake was where I learned to ski, lost my first ring, and memorized the routes to many hospitals. (Those stories are for another day.)
Back to the sweltering heat, I remember many summer days when we were in the lake, I mean swimming, from as soon as the breakfast dishes were clean to dark. We would only get out to eat and then we would be back in again. Thinking about these times, there was nothing really big it was just spending time together as a family. As I remember, it is bitter sweet. To have that time back....knowing what I know now. I would do things SO differently.
Go out and make memories with your family....I wonder what Elise will remember from her childhood. It won't have anything to do with a lake and well that just makes me SAD!

Daddy, take me to the moon!

Tonight, Joel,Elise and I went on an ice cream run. On our way home, we saw the moon. It was so close that it appeared to be just 'around the bend.' It reminded me of a time when Elise was young. Years ago we saw a similar sight. Elise was to young to understand just how far away the moon was from us. From the backseat, I can still hear this, "Daddy, take me to the moon." Being too young to understand, Joel told Elise that he couldn't take her. That just broke her heart. You know Daddy does everything for his precious daughter. I think she cried for hours. She didn't realize that the task she had asked was impossible. Although, if Joel could have taken her that night to the moon he would have.

But this got me to thinking about my Heavenly Daddy, the one that will do anything for His precious daughter. My Heavenly Daddy is wonderful. The difference between earthly Daddies and our Heavenly Daddy is simply no matter how much our Daddies here on earth want do for their children some things are just impossible, with our Heavenly Daddy nothing is impossible. When we ask, He Will!

At times when things are not going smoothly, it is easy to forget that or should I say it is easy to remember things of this world. In my mind I have to fight thoughts like: "Why isn't ___ working out my way, _____ isn't fair, or don't I deserve ____?" Then God shows me His marvelous grace. He can take me to the moon! All I have to do is ask and let go! He has the best plans for me. And oh yeah, His plans may not be mine but if I give Him time his plans will be revealed. I just have to be patient ( I really don't like that word), "pull up my boot straps," and remember what I have been called to do. So, Daddy take me to the moon!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Holy Ghost It-- in an unfamiliar way

This "Holy Ghost It" did not come to me in the usual way! God usually uses church signs to speak to me. This "Holy Ghost It" is from Robbie Foreman's status on facebook. I am not sure if Robbie just posted it or if he had heard or read it somewhere else. Knowing Robbie, I think it probably came from him. For those that don't know, Robbie was our Youth Director at church. He is still dearly loved and thought about often in our family. We miss him but know God is doing great things through him at his new position.

"The damage done to you does not discount the price paid for you!"

Thank you Jesus for paying the price you did for me. I am yet still so undeserving! Amen

My How the Time Flies

Today is July 21...School is just around the corner. It starts three weeks from yesterday! YIKES!!! Am I ready, you ask and my answer would be Umm....NO! I had a million "projects" I wanted to finished and haven't. I had school work I wanted to finish and didn't. I have school work I must finished and haven't even started. I know that work must be finished and it will be but probably not until the night before the deadline.

I ask myself where does the summer time go. Granted, when I usually don't start my day until 9:00 the day goes pretty quick. I have read more books this summer than ever before, thanks to the wonderful invention of the KINDLE. I have weeded and cleared most of the daisies. I still have two areas that have been invaded that I haven't hit yet and probably won't until fall.

I have had a pretty peaceful summer. I have met friends for lunch, have ran Elise to and from, and read.

Now, I have to think of bulletin boards, lamination, and lesson plans for the upcoming year. I will be teaching 19 tender hearts this year. It has been a while since I have had this large of a class. I often wonder what God has in store for us, at times I become a little anxious, ok a lot anxious then I remember that I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me. I always begin my open house speech by telling parents that I will not be the perfect teacher for your child, but the one thing I can tell them is that I love their children like no other teacher will. And that is only true because God loves them through me. So as I work in my classroom and those of my fellow teachers I walk the desks praying for each student,even though I am not sure of who will be in my class.

So wish me luck and a whole lot of blessings because the best is yet to come. Hold on to your fork!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hind's Feet

As I started writing this blog, I can't think of a title. There are so many things going on in my mind that I am sure this will sound more like the ramblings of a lunatic.

When I wrote in one of my last blogs for God to bring on the Reign....I didn't mean for Him to present us with yet more challenges. During last nights thunderstorm, it seems that the pool pump was hit by lightning. Boy, can a pool get dirty in just one day. I guess our clear blue pool....finally, will turn to a mucky green. Joel came home tonight and looked at it, he didn't know what to do either. My job tomorrow is to call the Lancaster Pool and Spa to see if they can come look at it......Uuumm, I wonder what this will bring.

My dryer, since last nights storm, was acting out of sorts too. I figured that we would have to do work on it as well as the seems to be ok for now. I may have panic a little too early on that one.

Oh, the lightning in last nights storm, claimed yet another cable box. Comporium is going to start wondering about us.

Once again I was out trimming the hedges...I will say, I have been hacking away at his project a little at a time. But it is becoming like a Goliath to me. Joel even said, "Where did you trim today." It is not even noticeable to him. The bad thing about it is I am doing it all by hand so it is a huge project. Do I have any friends out there that are willing to help?

My good buddies birthday is tomorrow. I praise the Lord everyday for putting her in my life. She is a true sister.

Elise went to the eye doctor today, praise Him that she doesn't need contacts or glasses! Maybe she has Daddy D's eyes. I sure hope so. I know one thing she doesn't have mine.

The thought for today, even though these things happen or are happening....Elise and I began our day by sighting a doe and her fawn. As we watched them both run across a field, Psalms 18:33 comes to mind, "He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; He enables me to stand on heights." One day I will stand on the greatest heights with my Lord and Savior. That is what I will rest in.

Putting in a Plug- for a wonderful book for children...Hind's Feet to High Places. I am not sure who the author is but every time I read it to my class, God moves me and teaches me things.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Terrible, Horrible, No Good Day

Today is a terrible, horrible, no good day, very bad day. I didn't sleep well last night, I dreamed about vampires all night, and I woke up with a stiff neck, Joel has been working at night, working during the day on his school work.

Writing has always been a healing or a way to clear my mind. Well, today is a day that I am just .....ummm, blue. I miss my family in Kentucky and my heart wants to desperately visit. Joel, I, and Elise have looked at our schedules and either due to work, school, or volleyball it looks like we will not be making a trip home. When I told my mom this, let's just say she didn't have a good response. Then this morning, my dad called. Always at the end of our conversations he always says, "Love ya, bye."

Those three little words just about opened the flood gates. Don't get me wrong we are busy. We have people around us that love us but in the middle of it all, there is nothing like family. I am sure if my closest pals knew I felt the way I do today, they would do anything to change it. Down deep in my heart I know all the things that I should be telling myself. I know I need to pull up my boot straps and get on with it.

Then my spirit is lifted by picking up a program for a friend's daughter's wedding that Elise and I attended this weekend. Be Thou My Vision is printed on the back of it. All of a sudden my spirit realizes there is a reason for all of this heartache. I have to keep my eye on the prize.

Be Thou my battle-shield, sword for my fight
Be Thou my dignity, Thou my delight.
Thou my soul's shelter, Thou my high tower.
Raise Thou me heavenward, O power of my power

Riches I heed not, nor man's empty praise,
Thou mine inheritance, now and always
Thou and Thou only, first in my heart
High King of heaven, my Treasure Thou Art.

So, Lord be my Vision today. Help me just get through it.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Treat for Me

This by far is the best invention out there. This is a Kindle,my Kindle actually. It is just like a book but it is electronic. The books are download on to this device and WAA LAAA!
I have been asking for one for about 3 years but I just couldn't stomach the price. Around Valentine's Day, Joel said he was going to order one for me. Valentine's came and went. Joel never did buy it but I broke down and bought it myself. He was Joel's idea, wasn't it? But I think it is the best thing out there.
This is the first item that I have ever bought that I was so excited about getting I had emails delivered to my account to know exactly where it was during the buying/shipping process. I was like a little kid waiting for Christmas to come. It has been well worth the investment.
Happy Reading everyone.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Holy Ghost It

God's answers are often better than our prayers.

Ok, I have driven by this this church sign for several weeks. I have thought I would bring my duck tape and "X" out the word often. God's answer are just better than our prayers.