Monday, April 12, 2010

In The Nick of Time

Isn't God good. He provides what we need in the nick of time. Not one second too soon or one second too late.

I will have to say that I am/was at the end of my rope. It just seems I can't get out of this vicious cycle that keeps 'dumping' on me. Every time I turn around something smacks me in the face. And frankly I am getting really tired and well just.... sick of it. Then I find this....

" I will say it again... enduring pain will lead to tremendous progress. So...for those who MAY be about to give up because the pain is SO intense....don't give up on the God who has never given up on you...allow the pain to make you better, not bitter...and hold on because if He can trust you with pain He can trust you with the provision He is about to bring your way." Perry Noble

God has used Perry Noble more than once in my life to hit it home. After I read this the tears turn to a small smile and maybe... just maybe HOPE will be on the horizon. So as long as God has my back....BRING IT ON! God has not yet given up on me.

Check out Perry's sermons can be downloaded or podcast. Thank you God, for using people like Perry Noble, to speak YOUR truth, like only YOU can.