Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Have you sat down and wondered exactly how many times that we ask why? Why did it rain? Why did I do that? Why did that happen? Well... I am sitting here wondering why? Our Haiti trip has been cancelled. Why did God open all the doors to only close them again? Am I upset, yes. I simply can't wrap my mind around not going to Haiti. I don't know if any or you know anything about Haiti. It seemed that the more research we did the more I fell in the love with the Haitian people. They live in such a sad state, in my wildest dream I could never imagine what a day in the life of a Haitian would be like. I don't understand the reasons behind us not going other than the fact that if we went we may not have been able to get home. Have any of you felt such a longing for a place? I can almost sit and cry but I won't let it out. I know that the Lord will provide another place for us to go but it isn't Haiti.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Update on Haiti

As God often does, if he closes a door another one opens.

Our trip right now is uncertain due to the violence in Port-Au-Prince.The Haitian people are in riots over food in the capital city and New Missions has a team of missionaries locked down, they can't leave the compound to get to the airport to leave for the U.S.

Due to the violence we may be going to the Dominican Republic instead. So pray. I now have a heart for the Haitian people and the suffering they are under. Pray that God will intervene in the riots and provide food for the people. Each and every time you eat anything first thank the Lord for the food but pray too for Haiti and the people there that eat mud cookies just to make the hunger pains go away.

I feel drawn to Haiti but will go wherever God intends us to go. I do not know in my human mind the plans he has for me. I have to trust and obey.

13 Years Ago

It is hard to believe that Elise is 13. As I take a walk down memory lane to this point, I want to get a little teary eyed. But I won't.

Elise had a celebration for her birthday. She invited 4 other girls to have a camp out. Well, almost a camp out, it rained around 12:30am and the girls ended up sleeping on the back porch. But they did it all, played volleyball,ate pizza,played games,roasted marshmallows, and Joel even shot fireworks for them.

The girls she invited got along well and are really good girls. Joel and I didn't have to worry about any of them stepping over the line. For that I thank the Lord. He placed Elise in the lives of girls that live for Him. It was so neat to see the girls as they sat down to eat, they blessed the food without being told. It wasn't a God bless this food prayer either. It was a heart felt prayer asking a blessing on the food and safety for the rest of the night. But why do I sound so surprised, after all this was the little girl who gathered her bags together, I would ask her where she was going and she would reply to find Jesus. God has been a part of her life since the beginning really even before that.

Thank you Lord for being with us since the beginnng!