Monday, March 31, 2008

Paid in Full-- Twice

How sweet those words ring. First, that my life and my mistakes are paid in full by the precious blood of Jesus. I sit here today with the recent diagnosis of shingles. While my whole midsection from the middle of my stomach to the middle of my back, ache, sting, and itch. I cannot imagine the suffering Jesus went through for us, for me on the cross. As uncomfortable as I am, Jesus was so much more. He is so much more of a person than I.

On Friday our church had a big fund raiser for the Haiti Mission trip. It was a dinner theater. Our family and about 11 other of the Haiti travelers became servers. It is unbelievable that black pants, white shirts, and a red sash can turn you into a waitress or waiter. The fund raiser was a hit because our trip has now been Paid in Full.

So I thank each and everyone of you that contributed to our adventure. I know that God moved in your heart and enabled you to give. Giving to a Mission trip that you are not involved in is truly a sacrifice. It amazed me each week how our funds would come in. I played the doubting Tom for a while. I was telling some close friends Saturday that we were $500 away from our goal. Two of the guys laughed. I think they laughed at me. They were the two that would hear me each week saying,"I just don't think we can get the money." They would reply, that God is good. How right they were. I really stopped doubting about the time that our deposits were paid. I sat back and watched at that time, to see how great my God is.

As the time that the trip grows closer, know that each one of you will go along with us to the 5th poorest country and that God will take your contributions and put hands and feet to His mission. Please pray that God is preparing our hearts and the hearts of the Haitian people. Pray for a healthy stay, that no one will need to take a helicopter ride to Miami. Still the one comforting thing is that my same God that is here with me now will be with me Haiti. This is truly a God thing. Words cannot express the appreciation I have for each of you. May you be blessed by this trip too.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Figuring It Out

I have taught school for almost 20 years and still don't have it figured out yet.

Being a teacher is at times the most rewarding and yet most frustrating of all jobs. I love being with the kids and getting to know them, I love imparting knowledge to them. I get excited when I see the light bulbs go off when they discover something new. However, I get so bogged down with the content of the curriculum, discipline, and our very busy schedule that I sometimes forget who I am teaching for.

I am teaching ultimately for God, that the kids will love Him with all of their hearts,soul, and strength. It is also frustrating when I can't seem to find the right thing that might motivate the students. My heart breaks for those I can't seem to reach but rejoices with those that I seem to touch.

As a teacher, I seem to hear more negative than good. Is that because of the way society sees us, as not as important as doctors or sports teams? That I can't answer. I can only answer to one master and that of course is God. I have been so blessed by some of the parents and some of the many that have traveled in and out of my room. It is a sad realization to know that I only have 180 days to impact some one's life for eternity. And what a hefty job that is. Have I made mistakes? Yes, everyday. Have I made a difference? I sure hope so. However, only time will tell that.

So why do I suffer through this plight? I guess the only answer I have for that is that I am trying to be obedient to the call the Lord has for my life.

Our school is in a transformation. We are about ready to turn a corner and really make an impact for God. Should I be surprised that there is a battle for the very students' souls that I teach. Should I be surprised that after almost 20 years I am sitting at the computer, typing,wondering what in the world the Lord has planned next for me? I so want to be in His will and do what He wants. God didn't say that our life would be easy. He did say that the plans he has for us will not harm us.

Maybe I will never have things figured out. The only true thing I know is that the God who created the universe,knows my name,knows the number of hairs on my head,and has chosen me to fight His fight. Am I strong enough? Not by myself but with God all things are possible.

One day, when my time here is up, will I hear the words...Well done,good and faithful servant. Boy I sure hope so.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

In My Own Words

Instead of SCDenneys I should of named this blog amazed. I have learned in my life that God uses many different forms of communication. I was talking to a friend who used to live next door to us. She knows all about our trip and I have given her this blog address. We were talking about health and how this year it seems like I have caught each and everything that has come down the pike. She said she felt like that is because of our commitment to go to Haiti and even said things like if you told God "no way"(which I did, the first time Robbie approached me), she even told me that God has my back. I thought that she was using those phrases to let me know she was keeping up with our blog. But as God works, Oscar came up and I told her we had put him to sleep, that she didn't know, so that means she was not reading our blog. God used some of my own words to encourage me that he is with me always. I know that there is such a thing as spiritual warfare.

Benson has started puppy classes, we are in our 3 week of the classes. He is a model student. He sits and listens to Melody the instructor. She uses Benson as the class volunteer a lot. He is a good little dog. He now tips the scale at a whopping 6.0lbs. I think that he has lost his ADD tendencies. He still has a lot to learn. Especially when relating to people outside the family.

Elise is starting volleyball this week for spring recreation league.I love watching her play a sport that she loves. I will keep you posted on her season. She is also very busy planning her birthday party in April.