Monday, May 31, 2010

4 Days and Counting

4 days until Elise leaves for the Dominican Republic. Which has been "dubbed" the DR by our family. I am praying already for her safety and wellness during the trip. We have been to the doctor for antibiotics, been shopping for clothes and supplies, now all we need is for Saturday morning at 3 AM to get here. I appreciate all the prayers we can get. Please pray for safe travel, the team to stay well, and for God's will and work to be done.

Elise is putting hands and feet to God's calling. Joel and I are proud of her for being willing to 1. listen to His calling and 2. For her to be willing to step out of her comfort zone to do as He asks.

It will be a long 12 days. If anyone wants to go to lunch or go see a movie, let me know. I am not sure what I am going to do with my time. I know I am going to sleep a little more, read a book or two, and maybe paint some rooms in the house. Don't quote me on the last one though.

Thanks for your prayers! I will keep you posted!

I Stand Corrected!

Joel informed me that Oscar lived for 17 years...I still love him and think about hime everyday!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Dog's Love

A friend of mine had to put their dog down yesterday.....and that has got me thinking.

I wonder how a pet dog comes into our families and changes the inner being of who we are. I have had a lot of pet dogs in my lifetime and most of them have touched me in ways that I really can't put into words.

Jock- this was really Todd's dog. I was a very about 6 when Jock was around. He was a white poodle who really didn't like me. I was little and didn't know better but I would pick him up and pretend to throw him down the basement steps. Needless to say, every time I picked him up he would try to bite me. He died unexpectedly during a family camping trip. I remember that day like it was yesterday.

Todd, Dad, family friends and I had just loaded up in our run about to do some skiing. My mom came yelling to my dad to come back ashore. "A dog got a hold of Jock." she said. I remember saying to my dad, "Oh, Jock will get a hold of the other dog." My dad said something like no he could be hurt. That was the first time that I realized my dad could not fix everything. Todd and I were told to put our heads down on the picnic table while my dad and family friends got Jock and took him to the car. ( I did peek). Dad tried to take Jock to a vet but he died on the way. Somewhere he is buried beside a barn.

Sebastian or Bass- He was an apricot poodle who was purchased the night we returned from our family camping trip. Now Bass was my dog. I loved that little puppy. He slept on a pillow on my floor until I was about 19. He would bite any and everybody who came around. It got to be a joke. My dad would tell everyone that he only bit you if he liked you. Well, yes I was bitten quite a lot. Bass taught me to be wary of people, watch yourself, no matter who you are around.

Casey- She was my project dog. I had moved out of my parent's house and into an apartment with friends. I wanted a dog but knew I couldn't afford the price of a pure bred. We started looking at dog pounds. Joel found her in a pen somewhere around Oldham County. I remember going out one evening to see her. We got there after the pound was closed but she was in a pen and I could still see her. The next day she was mine. She was a mess. She was a mix between a poodle and some type of Spaniel. Her hair was matted, she had flees and worms. She looked terrible. After a vet trip the next day, I walked out with a vet bill of over $150.00 plus grooming fees of $50.00. So much for the cheaper way, I could have gotten a pure bred. I can still remember the day I took her home to see my parents. She had literally be shaved completely down except for the tip of her tail. My mom and Todd rolled to the floor laughing. She taught me that it didn't matter what you looked like on the outside, it was the inside that was the most important. We had to put her down 12 years later.

Oscar entered the picture after Joel and I were married for about a year. We had moved into our first house. He joined our family and Casey in May of 1991 as a graduation from college present to me. We had been shopping one day, walked into a pet shop and walked out with Oscar. Oscar was a Lhasa Alpso. Joel named him Oscar because of Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street. He was not a grouch, I loved that dog, he by far my most dear pet. He loved like nothing else. He would bark Aroo, roo, roo when we entered the house. He taught me to make sure I greeted everyone I met with a smile and a warm hello. We had to put him down 13 years later.

Two weeks later we had Benson. Now, this story doesn't have an ending yet. But Benson is a piece of work. He is stubborn, a yapper, but the biggest lap dog I have ever had. Benson is a black and tan Miniature Pincher. I didn't know much about Min Pins until I got Ben. I am not really sure I know much at this point. Benson has made me really look at God as He tries to mold us and make us into the people He wants. Just like I try to train Ben into the dog I want him to become. I haven't succeeded yet but I am thankful God isn't finished with me yet.

So to make a long story even longer...pets especially dogs, have taught me some valuable life lessons. I hate putting our pets to sleep but my feelings on that are that they have brought us so much selfless joy while they were ours, the least we can do for them is to give them the last selfless love from their masters. Believe me when I say that we don't take putting dogs to sleep lightly. It is the very last thing we want to do. What would I do without DOGS! They truly are our family members while they are on this earth.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It All Began in Room 12

I can't believe that my first group of first graders are graduating. Out of the 45 graduates this year I think there are 6 that were my students. Boy the stories I should have written down. I wish I could only remember the stories now. I do remember that room and those students like it was yesterday.

I loved those those students like I have loved every class. I can see their faces and when I hear their names the faces that I see are those of first graders not of grown men and women. I am very proud of those student...really the senior class as a whole. They have grown a lot over the years both physically but more importantly spiritual.

As they start this new venture in their lives, I pray for them. I know they are men and women that seek after God.

Monday, May 24, 2010

As Tears Turn Into Smiles and Then Back Again

This morning, like so many mornings, my Daddy D was on my mind. Sunday mornings always seem to be the hardest. I miss Daddy D especially on Sundays. I guess that is because I pretty much grew up under his wing, in my spiritual journey anyway.

Today as the choir sang "Oh, How Marvelous," I could hear his voice and a small smile crept to the edge of my mouth. It was as if I could hear his big, deep, beautiful, voice singing the chorus all the way from Heaven. I was shocked and surprised at the smile. Music has always moved the very inner of my soul but usually with tears.

I sat there surprised and almost rejoicing for the memories I have with Daddy D. I was overjoyed with the fact that he was with Jesus on that morning. In that instant I knew Daddy D was watching us from Heaven and the Holy Spirit was telling my me all is well within my soul. Then the sadness returned and the longing to hear that big, deep, beautiful voice hurt my heart...still bringing tears. Oh, How Marvelous it is that he is in Heaven, but, oh how I wish he was here for me.

Daddy D, you are gone but never forgotten!

Oh, How Marvelous

Oh, How Wonderful

Is My Savior's love for me.

Anybody else hear Daddy D's voice?

If you would like to hear him sing visit The video is good but in person was so much better.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Does anyone have a fork?

Wow! Hold on to your fork the best is yet to come. - Perry Noble

I am not sure where to even begin ... there is so much going on. First, those of you at WC, hold on, God is working with us! My friend and I have said many times in the last year that Westminster was getting ready to BUST wide open. God moved through the student body this fall like nothing else could. Many spiritual changes have happened because of the students and the Holy Spirit. All I can say is we are there on the edge about ready to explode! Rock Hill you better hold on to your fork!

With a silent tear that falls and as my heart swells with love and pride...My brother, yep Troy, my little brother, the one that used to look up to me, now I look up to him. The one that screamed at the top of his lungs because he had a box staple sticking out of the soft spot on his knee. The brother that used to call when he need to drop a class and didn't know how to tell mom and dad or didn't know what to do, is now a DOCTOR! Saturday May 8th, Troy will graduate from medical school and I won't be there! (Which really stinks and hurts like a fork in my heart) But just as this chapter of his life is finished I know God has something even better for him in store. Troy, hold on to your fork, the best is yet to come!

For the last three months, Elise has practiced night after night for the school performance of "Annie Get Your Gun." On Friday April 30th tech week began, she has had practice for at least 4 hours each and every night this week. "Annie Get Your Gun" starts tomorrow night with a dinner theater and performances on Friday and Saturday night at 7. Buy your tickets now!

Elise, hold on to your fork, the best is yet to come!

So all I can say now is, does anyone have a fork? I need to make sure I hold on to it!