Monday, February 25, 2008

Relying on God

Well, where do I begin. It has been a while since our last entry.

First,our trip to Haiti is only about 2 months away. We still owe quite a bit of money for our trip but I am not as worried about it as I was the first part. Our deposits have been made,our passports are in, our plane tickets bought. It all seems-- not real. Us going to Haiti. Today at church we had a guest speaker who was actually the pastor of New Mission in Haiti. It was an eye opener to hear him speak. They have come so far since the beginning. So many people have come to know Jesus through New Missions in Haiti. I know God uses ordinary people to do His work. Sometimes it seems that the only thing I can do is shake my head in disbelief, but only because I believe, can I know that God calls ordinary people. I have seen God do so much in this journey, I can only imagine what I will see him do in Haiti. Am I worried? Am I scared? Am I unsure? The answer to all of those questions is YES. The only thing I know and that I am sure of is that the same God I know and that is with me everyday is the same God that will be with me in Haiti. And that is comforting.

Benson-- We have now owned Benson for one month. He has started puppy classes where we are hoping he will be socialized and taught manners. The instructor Melody announced to the whole class that Minature Pinsher were nicknamed the devil dog. Maybe we should change his name to Lucifer. She also told the class that we were very brave dog owners. I guess that if we let him get away with the things he wants to he will be a devil dog. In my experience with dogs I think, no, I bet you can find a devil in all breds. I will say he is a very smart animal. He knows his name,he comes when he is called, he can sit, and lay down. He seems very much my dog and really likes Elise. Joel on the other hand, well sometimes he loves him and other times he ignores him. He has grown quite a bit since we have gotten him. If only we can get him potty trained consistantly. We love our devil dog, we think he is our little angel.

This Saturday,Elise was involved in "Mock Trial". It is a competition of high school students that act out the different parts of a trial. Because our upper school is 7th-12th grade,middle schoolers could compete. I was amazed and very proud of Elise for wanting to participate in something like that. I know she learned a lot and would maybe even desire to have a career in law one day. I will say that during this time of transition for our school, I get concerned that Elise will not be able to continue there, but then things like this weekend happen and there is not another place I would rather her to be. It seems that through my whole life I have always had the uncertianity of how are we going to continue to financially send Elise to school but again (as I am shaking my head)God shows me He will provide and that I need faith in Him to see it through. It would be a scary thing to pull her out of a school that she has known since she was 3.

Relying on God, I know He teaches me that everyday.

Coninue to pray for us as Haiti approaches.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Passports are In

Last Monday, we received our passports. It only took 3 1\2 weeks. Again, I stand amazed in all that the Lord can do. We only have 4 months and we will be in Haiti. Continue to pray for our support and for God to prepare our minds for his work.