Sunday, November 7, 2010

Round one --Check

Round one in the playoffs. Yep, we won! On to next week.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holy Ghost Its

without God
We will be one Nation under

Think about that for a while!


Elise's volleyball season has been finished for almost a month now. While I was glad for it to be over and the running to be finished. I am sitting here tonight being a little sad. Sad that she will never again have a sophomore year volleyball game. Her team finished undefeated and won the MAC for Christian Schools. It was a fun season and a well deserved Championship.

Our Lives Revolve Around ...

Even though Elise only plays volleyball, our lives seem to follow sports around the calendar. We have not missed a football game once this year..yes, we are the fans that have been known to travel to away games that are 4 hours away. I laugh at some of the questions I have been asked when we show up at an away game (that really was 4 hours away). You first have to understand that our school is very small, the people that attend WC know us, know Elise. It is the look on their faces trying to figure out why we are at games so far away. Someone asked me this week with a puzzled look..."Mrs. Denney I thought you only had Elise. Do you have a son that plays?" I of course laughed and replied that Kim Watts and I are like family, therefore, her son plays, and well that would be my nephew out there. It is Mark that draws us there but it is also the other guys that have passed through my door in either first and second grade. I loved them then. I loved them like they were my own sons...even if it was only for one year. But it is more rewarding for me to watch their true character played out on the field. The students at WC are good guys, they have thier heads on straight. No, we are not perfect and we all mess up but it is a community that loves each other through those mess ups.

It has been rewarding for me to watch these guys grow up but more rewarding for me to see them grow into the men God wants.
This Friday the Indian will have the home advantage as we enter into the State Playoffs. Westminster was #2 in our division. Wish us luck! GO INDIANS!