Thursday, January 7, 2010

If It Weren't for Bad Luck I Have no Luck at All!!!

I am not sure how many of my readers remember the HeeHaw Show. It was a tv show that we watched on Saturday nights when I was young. Now, I will have to tell you that I do not believe in luck. I know that God is in control of everything. However, that song has become my theme song over the last few months.

It all started with having to replace the car battery. The very next day it was our hot water heater, the day after that a leak in the brand new hot water heater hose. About two weeks later yet another leak in one of the hoses of the hot water heater. Then this morning, we awoke to no heat. Don't worry it is working now, we are not really sure why it stopped working through the night. Joel fixed it with a simple off and on throw of the breaker...and it began to work again.

In college, the girl that lived across the hall from me, used to say she had a "poop cloud" that would every now and then follow her around and take a dump on her. Needless to say, I think that cloud has found us the last month.

You know that when I go through trails God always has a way of showing himself to me. I passed a church sign that reads: When you have nothing else left but Jesus you realize that He is all you really need. I guess He is trying to teach me this.

I know He is All I need. But transportation, hot water, and heat are nice commodities. So please pray that our heat will continue to work. Especially since the last 22 days have been below normal temperatures and South Carolina has seen some of the coldest weather in years. And I was beginning to buy into Global Warming. Maybe all those "poop clouds" are bringing this cold weather. I sure hope that this front passes soon. Meanwhile, I will bundle up, build a fire and sleep on the floor if I need to...because ALL I NEED IS JESUS!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

As a Christian, I believe that Jesus is the Messiah that was foretold by the prophets and that He came to save all people including the Jewish people.

In Christ,
SC Denneys