Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Village Scene at Glen Cairn Gardens

Beauty and the Beast
Starring Elise Denney as a Silly Girl

Oh Yummy!!! A Chocolate Buffet Thursday Night

Caughtcha mom!
At 11:00 pm on Thursday night there was a chocolate buffet. The pictures are of some of the chocolate statues. Of course they were not edible but the chocolate that was on the buffet was. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me so these are Elise's pictures, and she didn't take any pictures of just the chocolate to
eat. But enjoy and hopefully your mouth will not water that much!!!

Egyptian Pyramids

Elise and a chocolate covered apple. We won't tell her she has something on her chin from the last treat.

Day 6- Florida

Day 6- We woke up pretty early and headed to the excursion desk. There we found out that we needed to leave to catch a bus to Disney World. Yes, we had to go to Disney to watch Beauty and the Beast. You know Elise is in the school preformance of the Beauty and the Beast. It was a pretty fun day, we went to see Beauty first. Then we headed to American Idol and a few other shows. We went to MGM Hollywood Studio.

Elise just can't get enough of Beauty and the Beast and the Silly Girls.

Can you tell what this is?.... It is a monkey hanging from our stateroom ceiling.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 5 Grande Bahama Island

Today was a very relaxing day, we shopped around the dock a little then we took a taxi to the village shops. The shops were a little upscale until we got to the end where there was more of a straw market. There we bought tshirts, towels,and Elise bought a Coach purse. I also bought Joel some souvenirs. Our taxi driver was named Zelder. She took us on a quick tour of downtown,we even picked up her son to take him to a dentist appointment.

And Elise had a snake in her bed.

Day 4- Nassau

Sunrise Tuesday Morning

Nassau Bahama is a very interesting place. Pretty sites to see.

We took a Harbor Cruise and then headed to Atlantis Resort. Atlantis has an aquarium,water park, and its own beach.

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Atlantis had massive glass sculptures in the casino. We couldn't take pictures until it was around the glass sculptures.

waiting for us back on the ship was a frog.

Day 3- Great Stirrup Cay

On the third day of our trip we awoke in Great Stirrup Cay. It was a beautiful place. There we snorkeled,laid on the beach,and ate a great lunch right on the beach. The whole trip I couldn't believe the color of the water. I am so amazed at the creativity of our Lord. So as you view the pictures look at the water. The pictures are nothing like the real thing.

We are on the tandem to go to the beach.

Elise at the table ready for lunch.

Durning lunch we were pointed to the spot to snorkel. We saw lots of fish little,BIG,blue and silver. Snorkeling was one of my favorite things that we did on the trip. It was really great to see all the fish and the water was so clear. I only wish that my goggles didn't leak. I guess you can't have it all.

And that night our visitor was a puppy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bahama Trip Day 1 and 2. Leaving Charleston and The day at sea

The Norwegian Majesty pulled out of Charleston Harbor on Saturday April 11th. We arrived in Charleston around 12noon on Saturday and were told to drive around the block a few times until it was time to load onto the ship. We finally got aboard the ship and were eating lunch at 1:30 not too bad for an hour and a half. The first order of business was to find our life boat and to go through the drill. I wish I took pictures of all of us with our life jackets on. We were on the top deck when the ship pulled out of Charleston.

That night we just ate at one of the buffets. I was not feeling to well and started taking sea sick meds. Of all people, I didn't think that I would be the one sick. It wasn't bad. I took the medicine at 7:00, it took a while for it to kick in but I started feeling better around 9:00. We did see a variety show that night that was pretty good.

Sunday we attended church for the Easter service. It was a little unreal to be sitting in the boat and singing praise and worship songs. The service was really good. The rest of that day we just laid out by the pool,ate, and napped. We went to one of the resturants that night for Easter dinner. It was very nice.

Laying on the top deck. Getiing some good rays.

Dad and Elise waiting for our table on Easter.

Mom and I waiting too.

When we returned to our room that evening we found a creature waiting for us. And who says there isn't an Easter Bunny.

That was the end of Day 1 and 2.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

God must have a sense of Humor

My second graders took a field trip to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, I was struck by the humor God must possess. I only took a few pictures this time around but they are of some of the most unique animals.

Well, sure you are thinking they are only elephants,a giraffe, and a gorilla. They aren't too unique. But just think for a minute about an elephant. God created animals even before he created man, we weren't around to mess everything up yet(maybe he had a little more time to have fun). I just can imagine God sitting in heaven and thinking of all these animals... Could he of thought OK, I am going to make a large, one of the largest animals with humongous ears and let's see a nose that will reach to the ground and can be used to pick up things. (That gives a new idea to a nose picker). And for that animal there I will put spots all over it and s-t-r-e-t-c-h its neck so far that it can reach the top of the trees. That animal there ... I am going to give him fingers, toes, and ears but he will need to move on all four of his limbs.

I in no way think in my little mind, I know the thoughts of God. I am just glad he created animals all to be so different. For some to live in the freezing cold, some to live in the hottest of spots. Those pictures are some of the common zoo animals...the pictures I didn't get are of bright colored animals. Birds that can swim and run fast. Creatures that move so slow that we would have to watch forever just to notice. That is not to forget the great tortoise.

Just as with each of these animals, God created us just as unique. Sure we may all have certain things in common but our personalities are as different as the animals. That I am thankful for.