Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Year Past

Yes once again, November 25Th rolled around on the calendar. During this birthday I really wanted to do some soul searching. What events have happened over the last year that may count for something. As I reflect over another year gone by now, I think about the things that have happened and how they have changed my life. Oh there were no big events, just small day to day happenings that pass by.

One year ago yesterday I was released from the hospital, that event in and of itself unleashed a string of events that have really changed my life. One of the changes was of course medical in nature, for now I will be taking a drug for the remainder of my life. Do I like that idea? No, but I guess it beats the alternative.

We had to put Oscar by beloved best friend to sleep last year. I can honestly say that there is not a day that goes by that he somehow does not cross my mind. I do miss him something terrible.

A new member of our family,Benson, arrived in our family in January. He is a wild and crazy min pin. But he holds my heart in his... mouth usually. He has taught me a lot about the way God is trying to mold me. I am trying to mold Benson. He has free will to do what I ask or else... wouldn't it be great if God could just pop us upside the head for biting others, or making messes. But he does come running when I call. Do I run when God calls me?

Elise turned 13. That is something to be proud of. However where does the time go? How much time has past that I have neglected my relationship with her? I often wonder what will she think of me as she gets older.

Our trip to LA, I am not sure if there are enough words or time or space to even begin with LA. All I can say is the God I serve is awesome and bigger than I have ever imagined. Does he let bad things happen? Yes. Somethings I will not understand this side of heaven.

Seventeen loving and tender hearts are entrusted to my care. What type of impression will I put on them?

This year has been a course of ups and downs. I have had many failures and some high points. I have taken my eyes off the Lord. He continues to be faithful and always draws me back.

Looking to the year ahead is scary yet hopeful. What new highs await? What lows are near? "For I know the plans He has for me will not harm me."

Here's to another year!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


The season of thanks is upon us, have you ever thought about what you are thankful for. Not appreciative of, but truly gut wrenching thankful. So thankful because you know without these things, you just wouldn't be you.

My top 10 would be
1. The all mighty Lord- I am thankful that he molds me into what He desires and not what I desire.
2.Family-for teaching me what I want to be like and for what I don't want to be like
3.Friends-who aren't afraid of telling me what they really think
5.Peace-that passes all understanding
6.Pets-for unconditional love
7.A loving christian environment to work in
8.The imprints that 17 smiling second graders put on my heart.

There are other things that I am thankful for but they are material in nature. With the world the way it is today, at any point material things can be ripped from my hands. During this holiday, I am going to search my heart and see what God wants me to be thankful for. I hope everyone will do the same.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Holy Ghost It

Elise saw this one today and wanted me to add it to the collection.

If you are dog tired you may be growling too much.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our New Look and a Holy Ghost It

Hey I hope you enjoy our new look. Elise kept urging me to change my template because it was too dark and looked to "goth." The header is from Robbie Foreman, Elise's youth pastor and a great friend of the family. I hope you enjoy the new look. It is definitely much brighter.

The Holy Ghost It that I saw the other day was:

Forbidden fruit creates many jams

I will just let you ponder that for a while.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Pictures in my Mind

I am not really sure how many of the readers of this blog have ever gone on a mission trip. If you have gone on one please comment and let me know if this happens to you too.

When we set out to go on a mission trip this summer and even while we were in Los Angeles I never thought that some of the places and things that I witnessed would flash pictures in my head. Sometimes these images just appear with not really any thought of the trip, I could be talking to someone or driving down the road. I remember telling myself that I need to relish every part of the trip. Joel and I don't do a lot of traveling so to go across the country was a big deal to me. I did want to remember every aspect. But even today it has affected my life in a mighty way. I think it has definitely made me more mindful of being a servant to the Lord.

I guess what I am trying to say or ask is do these visions happen to everyone that goes on a mission trips or does God continue to return these sights in my head to lead or direct me in a way.

I wonder about the children that we played with after school for a week. I wonder about the 4 people we took out to breakfast, I wonder about all the people who are homeless as winter approaches, I wonder about the people that we made eye contact with on the Metro. I wonder if any of this every really makes since to anyone but me. It is like that trip has been engraved into my very soul. While we were there it didn't impact me as much as it has since I have been home. The thing of it is --- I really don't want these pictures to ever stop. I wonder why the pictures just pop into my head but I don't want them to quit either.

This year the youth is going to Barbados -- Elise is not old enough to make the trip this year, I originally didn't think I would mind sitting this one out but truth of the matter is I would love to be going --- but all of us going together not me, not Elise, and not Joel, all of us.

Holy Ghost It

OK here is another one:

A bible that is falling apart belongs to someone whose life isn't.

And that about says it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Do We Ever Really Belong?

Do you remember the song from the show CHEERS...where the words say...go, where everybody knows your name, where you're always glad you came...or at least that is the way I think they go.

I want a place like that to hang out in. Not the bar part, but the part where everyone knows my name,where I am known and loved for who I am. Does such a place exist? There are times that I walk into places and think that I am invisible. I don't want to be invisible but in reality I am. There is one place that I can walk into that I honestly don't think people would care if I walked out of. Well, OK maybe a few but just a few.

Oh, I know what you are thinking. God knows me by name, in fact he knows the number of hairs on my head. I know all those things but I still desire a place where everybody knows my name and if I don't show up that someone will ask about me.

I look at Elise and struggle with where we should send her to school next year. Should we stay at WCCS or should we move closer to home so she can have friends all around her. Then things like tonight happen. I took her to a party. This is an annual event this time of year. I think this is her 4th time. I pull up to the drive and my car is literally swarmed with people. All of them coming to help her get out of the car. They of course are polite and speak to me,which makes me feel cool. I wish Elise could see the way the events of just driving up a drive way play in my head, when she says do you think I am pretty, do you think I am fat. Some of times, I hope she sees just how loved she is.

Then that quiet whisper says,"leave her there, you are where you need to be." And I guess that is the answer to that question.