Monday, January 3, 2011

Wow! God Takes Care of All

I am not sure why I am amazed that God takes care of EVERYTHING but I am. Let me just tell you just two praises that happened only today.

1st- My computer sort of died on Christmas Eve, two trips to the computer doctor and it is working but it is physo because I can not shut it down while it is plugged into the outlet. When I unplug it and just shut it down with the battery it will shut down. Well, I walked into school this morning a little stressed because once again I was running late. I opened my classroom door and saw a brand new Dell laptop sitting on my desk. It seems WCCS had a donor that donated money for all of faculty to get laptop computers! Praise the Lord! I was going to have to buy a new one but guess what...God took care of that one!

2nd- S0me of you may know that Elise is preparing for her second trip to the Dominican Republic this summer. We have our second payment due on January 21. I am working really hard to raise the money without much support from others. I feel really bad about asking the same people to support her that supported her last year. I know some people have blessed us and blessed us in a big way! This is always a great step of faith for me. Joel and I just can't afford to send Elise on a mission trip each year without those blessings. Well, back to the second payment due on January 21, I had a teacher that came up to me even before support letters went out that knew Elise was going again and she told me she wanted to give towards her trip, then today I turned in another check for $200 to the school for her trip, that is just with two people giving. We pulled into the driveway this afternoon and got the mail, in the mail was another support check. So guess what, the second payment has been paid in full. So now we have a little over one thousand dollars due by April. Do I still get worried about raising the money, you betcha! Do I know that God has cattle on a thousand hills, yes I do! Does Elise feel with all her heart that this trip is paid already, yes she does.

So I will stand back and watch. God still surprises me over and over again! Hold on to your fork, the best is yet to come.