Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ok I Did IT!

I bought groceries for less than $150.00 a week that we usually spend. My cost was $57.66.

I have a couple of friends who are doing a coupon craze, and I decided to get on that boat too. I don't know all the secrets quite yet. But give me time I will. I actually just took a sales circular, from BiLo and went through it to find the sale items that I was interested in. I did have some coupons but not too many. I saved over $30.00.

I did have to make a trip to Walmart. That trip was not as successful as the BiLo trip was. I spent $99.00 on the items that I didn't want to get at BiLo. Dog Food was a big one.I did have a coupon for $3.50 off of Purina. But I had to buy cat food and Ink for the printer.

So without the money that I spent on the extras. I figured I spent about $100.00 on groceries this week. Not great but better than last week. I figure if I can cut my grocery bill by about 10 percent it will equal the amount that my paycheck will be cut next year.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Holy Ghost It

This is a sarcastic Holy Ghost it.

A non-prophet group

The Storm Clouds Roll In

There is one thing in life that I can say I really love. That my friend is a good storm. The type of storms that when it thunders, it rocks our world and when it lightning, it lights up the sky. I love everything about a storm from the smell of the incoming storm to the distant rumbling of the thunder as it leaves my area. I even like the electricity to go out and I can pull out the ole camping lanterns.

Elise was never been afraid of storms probably because we would go out on the front porch and watch the storm come in and roll out. She now loves storms just like me.

The reason why I like storms is well I am not sure why. I may attribute it to the fact that when I was growing up we had a houseboat that had a cuddy cabin. That is a place to sleep in the haul of the boat. Whenever it rained, when we were at the lake it was nap time, and my favorite place to nap was in the cuddy cabin because I could hear the tink, tink, of the rain as it fell in the lake.

Got to go a storm is blowing in.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

When I was young and in Kentucky

These ideas came to me during my writing class. We read the book "When I was Young and in the Mountains" by Cythia Ryland

Assignment: We were to write our version of the story

so here it goes:

When I was young and in Kentucky, my brothers and I would play outside until it was dark. As the daylight turned into dusk and dusk into darkness we would catch lightning bugs.

The game of chase would turn into a game of hide and seek. We would play until the day was nearly done and the sound of mom's voice would bring us home.

When I was young and in Kentucky, we would stretch a volleyball net across the street.

With the sound of a car, the playing would stop, the net lifted, the car would pass, playing resumed.

When I was young and in Kentucky, we would eat watermelon on the side porch. My mom would tell me not to spit seeds, but I did any way.

When I was young and in Kentucky, I would be awaken by the humming of a saw.
Soon my dad would appear covered in sawdust and smelling of musty wood.

When I was young and in Kentucky, we would travel to the lake on warm summer days. We would get so hot that the only time we got out of the water was to eat and then back in we would go.

When I was young an in Kentucky, we would camp out under the star filled skies.

The evenings were consumed with the sweet smell of roasting marshmallows, the sounds of ghost stories being told around the crackling fire.

When I was young and in Kentucky, my family would sit down to eat together. The conversations turned into laughter from the stories told of daily antics.

When I was young and in Kentucky, I never was worried or afraid for I knew I was safe.

Holy Ghost it

Think about this one:

is the soil
in which forgiveness and healing grow best

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Holy Ghost It -- Play? I don't think so

Over the last two weeks our lives have been very busy and tiring (if that is even a word). Many of you know that Elise was in a school play. Well, in my mind it started out as a play but in reality when I saw everything, and I mean everything that went into directing this is no longer a play it is a production and I mean a production in so many ways.

Anyway, during the last two weeks sleep is not a thing that has been to easy to achieve. Yes, my body was willing but the time was not available. Elise had practice for the Beauty and the Beast every night from 5-9:30. Instead of coming home I decided to help create the scenes. What a job that is... I painted shutters,houses,made books and libraries out of cardboard. I painted castles and painted in the mortar lines. It was amazing to watch all of these details come to life.

God,as he always does, speaks to me in little subtle ways. He has never spoken to me in the wind, it is always in the little whispers. I guess I have to be still to hear him. In the mist of turmoil of the last two weeks I saw a Holy Ghost It that read:

Trade God your pieces
For His peace

You really have to understand my schedule was...It was basically school to teach, school to help out with the Beauty and the Beast. If we were lucky we were home by 11:00 up again at 5:00am.

When I passed that sign it did get a That's the truth. But after I sat and thought about it, how true that is.

My first thought was trade all of your possessions. His peace is still worth more. Then the second time I thought man my life is falling to pieces before my eyes. Is that the pieces He was talking about. Then I thought, boy my life has a lot of pieces to,wife,teacher,helper,coworker,friend. Maybe those are the pieces. After a few thoughts on this Holy Ghost It I decided that it means my all, my everything, all the above, and all that encompasses. All my pieces, possessions, time, talents, just me. And he will give me PEACE.

And sure to His word His Peace came. Yes our schedule was busy, yes I was tired and yes my whole body hurt. But you know what? I looked around at school and saw all of God's fingerprints on the students that he placed in my care, I saw the times he tried to work through me, sometimes I let Him sometimes I failed miserably. I know one thing, the students at Westminster Catawba warm my heart in a way that only I and God know. It is neat to see students that have left the elementary school who are now in high school, who care enough about the Lord and the school to give it their ALL. What great hands and feet God has at WCCS.:)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cast of Beauty and the Beast Visits my campus

The main cast of Beauty and the Beast came to our campus the Wednesday before the performance. The sang Be our Guest and did a great job. My class was really excited!!!