Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holy Ghost It

OK! Here is another one.

God guides us through storms not from storms.

How true that is. I sometimes wish that I would never have to face any storms.

I can remember in my wedding service. Daddy D (my father in law married Joel and I)made a reference to the fact that our eyes always needed to be on God so that we could have a strong foundation when the storm clouds rolled in. I can remember thinking storm clouds...what is he talking about. I am marrying the guy of my dreams. Everything is perfect... we won't face storms... I guess God had the last laugh on that one. Now, after 18 years of marriage, I can say that Joel and I have faced some storms, maybe even a few F4s. As much as I hate going through tough times, I can feel and see God even more. So I am thankful when the storms end, because on the other side I am a changed person. Hopefully, for the better.