Monday, December 15, 2008

Have you ever thought about the things in life that you miss. There are just a few things I can say that I really miss. One of them being the music that was always in the background at my house when I was growing up. (Some how I missed out on that talent.) My dad played the banjo and my younger brother Troy always played the guitar. Funny thing is I can never ever remember Troy not playing the guitar. He is younger than I am but it seems like I could always hear it. Our rooms were next to each other so I always heard him practicing. He still plays to this day, but I don't get to hear it as much. Thank God for the power of technology and my sister-in-laws blog. On occasion he will be playing for the kid in the background of a video that Beth Ann posted. I miss that guitar and my brother.

Another thing I miss is a hot fudge cake from Frishes. I know I can order a hot fudge cake from different restaurants but somehow they just don't taste the same.

I miss the restaurant in Kentucky called Tumbleweed. I think it is by far the best Mexican restaurant. Funny thing is I didn't realize how much I missed it until this passed summer.

I guess things change and you can never and truly go back. I guess that means we should be thankful for each minute of everyday.


Mary Ann said...

Hey Tracey, You received an award. Stop by my blog and see.